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Countdown to 2017

Help ensure that our elected representatives will uphold and enforce the terms of the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act. The law mandates that all JFK assassination records must be declassified by 26 October, 2017. · There are 5 million pages of records in the JFK Act collection · There are 318,886 documents in the JFK Act database · 11% of the documents have partial redactions · 3,603 documents are withheld in full. learn more here...


Book Corner: Board Selections

The AARC is proud to announce the creation of a new resource for those who are new to the study of America's political assassinations.

We begin a series of new posts by AARC Board members and associates designed to provide a basic introduction to essential books and learning materials associated with the continuing investigation of President Kennedy's assassination.

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An Important Announcement:


To mark the 50th anniversary of the publication of the Warren Report, on September 26 thru 28, 2014, the AARC hosted an unprecedented gathering of prominent authorities, historical researchers, and notable personalities associated with the study of President Kennedy's assassination. Because of AARC's mission to provide public access to national records, video recordings of their presentations at the conference will be released over the course of the next several weeks. These presentations may be viewed here without charge. Full dvd sets will soon be available for purchase. Viewers are encouraged to support the work of the AARC by making a tax-exempt donation.

Video page

The Assassination Archives and Research Center was founded in 1984 to provide a permanent organization which would acquire, preserve, and disseminate information on political assassinations. The AARC is devoted to reaching the widest possible audience with this new information.


Joint Venture with the Mary Ferrell Foundation

Mary Ferrell FoundationThe AARC has partnered with the Mary Ferrell Foundation, supplying nearly a million pages of AARC records for browsing and searching via the MFF website. These records include massive CIA and FBI documents received as settlement for a lawsuit brought by Mark Allen, as well as other document collections on the John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Robert F. Kennedy assassinations.

The JFK Assassination Archive disk and other AARC electronic document products are developed by History Matters. Visit our website: for more information and to order

The Assassination Archives and Research Center is the largest private archives in the world which is dedicated to acquiring, preserving, and disseminating information on political assassinations.

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How the CIA Writes History

Jefferson Morley 25 2016, 9:28 a.m. Last summer I paid a visit to Georgetown University’s Lauinger Library as part of my research on legendary CIA counterspy James Jesus Angleton. I went there to investigate Angleton’s famous mole hunt, one of the least flattering episodes of his eventful career. By the early 1960s, Angleton was convinced the KGB […]


Swiss bank whistleblower: Panama Papers hack carried out by US intelligence agency

By Jason Murdock /April 13, 2016 19:05 BST Bradley Birkenfeld, a banker-turned-whistleblower who exposed fraud in the Swiss banking system back in 2008, has said he believes the hack that led to the release of the so-called Panama Papers was orchestrated by a US intelligence agency. The massive data leak, which resulted in over 11 […]

CIA - J. Scott Applewhite (AP)

‘Panama Papers’ Law Firm Helped CIA Operatives, Gun-Runners Set Up Shell Companies

By Aviva Shen, ThinkProgress 07 April 16 fter journalists started naming names in the massive document dump known as the Panama Papers, which details the shadow networks of shell companies and tax havens used by the super-rich, many wondered why Americans went unmentioned in the international scandal. Now, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has […]