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  HSCA Appendix to Hearings - Volume IX
Title  (PDF: 45 K)
I. Foreword  (PDF: 211 K)
Contents  (PDF: 18 K)
II. The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy and Organized Crime, Report of Ralph Salerno, ...  (PDF: 4220 K)
Issues Addressed
Materials Reviewed
Summary and Excerpts of Findings and Conclusions by the Consultant
I. History of Organized Crime in the United States
A. Prohibition: The Big Boost
B. St. Valentine's Day Massacre
C. A Most Successful Enterprise
D. Apalachin, N.Y.
E. The Federal Response
F. State and Local Efforts
II. La Cosa Nostra: FBI File 92-6054
A. La Cosa Nostra and the Kennedy Administration
B. Intelligence Operations
C. A Successful Operation
D. Joseph M. Valachi
E. FBI Report on the Commission
F. La Cosa Nostra
G. The Kennedy Program
H. The Impact of the Kennedy Campaign
I. La Cosa Nostra and Intelligence Gathering
J. 1963: Feeling the Pressure
K. Attitude Toward the Kennedys: Before and After
L. Analysis of the Evidence
III. Organized Crime Murders: Any Precedents?
A. Attitude Toward Murder
B. The Victims
C. Characteristics of Organized Crime Murders
D. Three Exceptions
IV. Conclusion: Likelihood of Involvement by La Cosa Nostra
A. The National Commission
B. Other Major Leaders and Problems
C. Summary
III. Carlos Marcello  (PDF: 2396 K)
The Position of Marcello within the National Crime Syndicate
Marcello: A Kennedy Administration Target
Deportation Efforts
Increased Federal Pressure
Alleged Assassination Threat by Marcello
FBI Investigation of the Allegations
Committee Investigation of the Allegation
Becker's Statement to the Committee
Analysis of the Evidence
IV. Oswald's Early Life: New Orleans and Organized Crime  (PDF: 2138 K)
Residence in the French Quarter: 126 Exchange Alley
Charles "Dutz" Murret and the New Orleans Underworld
Marguerite Oswald and Clem Sehrt
Oswald's Employment with Tujague's
Marguerite Oswald and Raoul Sere
Oswald, David Ferrie and the Civil Air Patrol
Marguerite Oswald and Sam Termine
V. Possible Associations Between Jack Ruby and Organized Crime 
  (PDF: 112 K)
A. The Shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald: Relationship with the Dallas Police Department
  (PDF: 1455 K)
Ruby's Friendships with Police Officers
Ruby and Officer Tippit
Possible Police Department Favors
Sunday, November 24, 1963
B. Organized Crime's Move to Dallas, 1947
  (PDF: 715 K)
The Bribery Attempt
Ruby's Alleged Involvement
C. Ruby's Activities Involving Cuba
  (PDF: 2176 K)
Trips to Cuba
Other Cuban-Related Activities and Allegations
D. Ruby's Telephone Records from 1963
  (PDF: 582 K)
Analysis by the Warren Commission
Review by the Committee
E. Labor Difficulties with the American Guild of Variety Artists, Early 1960's
  (PDF: 706 K)
F. Profiles of Jack Ruby Associates
  (PDF: 72 K)
i. Andrew Armstrong, Jr.
  (PDF: 1455 K)
ii. Robert Bernard Baker
  (PDF: 1522 K)
iii. Joseph Campisi
  (PDF: 1762 K)
iv. James Henry Dolan
  (PDF: 596 K)
v. Alexander Phillip Gruber
  (PDF: 1869 K)
vi. Paul Roland Jones
  (PDF: 820 K)
vii. Russell Douglas Matthews
  (PDF: 1694 K)
viii. Robert Ray McKeown
  (PDF: 5739 K)
ix. Lewis J. McWillie
  (PDF: 269 K)
x. Lawrence V. Meyers
  (PDF: 2901 K)
xi. Leonard Patrick
  (PDF: 1294 K)
xii. Ralph Paul
  (PDF: 291 K)
xiii. George Senator
  (PDF: 397 K)
xiv. James Robert Todd
  (PDF: 1119 K)
xv. Irwin Signey Weiner
  (PDF: 2128 K)
G. Jack Ruby Chronologies: 1940-64 and November 22-24, 1963
  (PDF: 2741 K)
1940 to 1964
November 22-24, 1963
  (PDF: 2924 K)

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HSCA Appendix to Hearings - Volume IX

Volume IX of the HSCA's Appendices contains reports on organized crime. While the HSCA report was equivocal on the source of the JFK conspiracy, Chief Counsel Blakey went on to co-write a book which charged that Kennedy was killed by organized crime. Much of the analysis relates to Jack Ruby, whose organized crime connections were analyzed in great depth compared with the Warren Commission, which avoided Ruby's mob connections. The organized-crime link to Oswald is much weaker, consisting largely of his uncle's connection to the Marcello crime family.