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  201 File, thru November 21, 1963
10-8-63 (MEXI 6453) American Male Who Spoke Broken Russian Said His Name Lee Oswald, ...  (PDF: 142 K)
10-10-63 (DIR 74673) Cable Stating the Lee Oswald Contacted the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City Inquiring...  (PDF: 774 K)
10-10-63 (DIR 74830) Cable Stating that Lee Oswald Who Called Sovemb 1 Oct Probably Identical to Lee Henry Oswald  (PDF: 315 K)
10-15-63 (MEXI 6534) Request for Oswald Photo  (PDF: 116 K)

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201 File, thru November 21, 1963

These records from the CIA's Oswald 201 File are selected from those created through the date of October 31, 1963.